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Do'nut Worry Help yourself

Look no further... A Doughnut Wall is all you need

Do you love all things sweet? Then a 2-meter-high wall of doughnuts, cookies and any other cakes of your choice is all you need to top off your perfect day!

This impressive back lit doughnut wall can be fully customised and personalised to suit your event. 

It has up to 8 fully adjustable/removable shelving and 162 removable Dowels (for ring doughnuts).  It also has removable signage boards that can be personalised just for you.

The recessed Lighting brings the wall to life as the day turns to night.

All doughnuts and cookies we provide are freshly prepared the morning of your event.

This is surprisingly a much cheaper and far more impressive alternative to the standard catering deserts.

From 80 Guests to 300+ 

Enquire today to find out about the different packages we offer.

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